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        德國Michael Hörauf Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG公司(簡稱"德國HORAUF"公司)是世界聞名的裝訂和包裝機械制造企業。其總公司位于德國西南部的棟茲多夫,那里是世界有名的機械工程和制造中心。此外,它在美國、日本、新加坡和中國等世界各地設有分公司。公司成立至今已有近八十年的歷史。它所研發、生產和銷售的裝訂和包裝系列機器包括糊殼機、文件夾生產線、紙杯機、包裝容器制作設備、無菌灌裝線以及瓦楞紙板保護型包裝機械等。在它所涉足的這些產品領域,HORAUF這個品牌代表了世界較好的技術和質量水準。



        Michael Hörauf Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG (in short “Horauf Germany”) is a world well known binding and packaging machinery manufacturer from Germany with a long history of about eighty years. Its headquarter is situated in Donzdorf where is a world famous mechanical engineering and manufacturing center in south-west Germany. The company has also subsidiaries in the States, Japan, Singapore and China. Its product portfolio includes case making machine, letter file production line, cup machine, packaging container machine, packaging system, and cushion folder and gluer etc. Horauf represents the world top class technology and quality standard in all these fields.

        To better adapt to the development and diversity in the global economy, as well as to better serve the booming customer demands in the Asian market, Horauf Germany established a subsidiary company in Shanghai, China (in short “Horauf China”) in 2008. We commit ourselves to introduce advanced Germany binding and packaging equipment to the local market; we have gradually started to import parts from Germany and assemble machines in our Shanghai factory in order to achieve better product performance to price ratio; we have also improved our service to a great extent from the local, which certainly benefits our customers in the region. We have no doubt that we will lead a new round of innovation and reform in the market through our superior know-how and excellent quality. We strive hard together to gain greater success......

        浩友夫(上海)機械有限公司,專營 糊殼機系列 文件夾設備系列 紙杯機系列 包裝紙罐成型設備 包裝系列 等業務,有意向的客戶請咨詢我們,聯系電話:021-59700622

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